Monday, May 23, 2016

Three things exercise: A piece of Sidewalk Chalk, A Fireman's Pole, A Tourniquet

For today's exercise write a piece of poetry or prose that somehow utilizes the following three things:

A piece of Sidewalk Chalk, A Fireman's Pole, A Tourniquet. 

For instance, you could write a short story that has a narrative about a child drawing a firehouse (and its pole) on a sidewalk being bitten by a rattlesnake and having a tourniquet applied on the way to the hospital. Now, that is just a narrative, once you have the events, think of themes or ideas that might fit it, or perhaps a b-storyline. For that narrative, perhaps the mother is inside talking on the phone about not needing to call the exterminator because the gopher problem seemed to have disappeared. Then in editing you have a little more to work with when really finding your footing in the story. 

Or maybe you could write a lyric poem that paratactically links childhood via drawing fantasies on sidewalk to be washed away, to sliding down a fireman's pole into a burning room, and a tourniquet likened to the passage of time. But, you know, with more stuff and stuff.

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