Saturday, May 9, 2015

Notebooking Daily Writing Exercise May 9, 2015

Daily Exercise Genre: Five Random Constraints.

About today's writing prompt genre: This is an exercise to make your brain work within a confined space. There will be a few constraints pressed upon your writing, some meant to help drive narrative, some meant to slow the process of the ever-flowing feed of words that stream through the mind. To make you meditate on specific word choice not necessarily at the most important plot places, but irregularly so that even connections can dictate concern and consideration at the word-level.

Today's constraints are...

1) You must begin and end this piece in less than 30 minutes.
2) You must include at least two sentences about a thunderstorm in your piece.
3) You must begin at least three sentences with the same non-article word.
4) You must end your piece with the same 3-5 words as you began it with.
5) You must spend ten minutes immediately following your composition going back and changing out individual words and phrases for ones that have more assonance and consonance. Look at the surrounding words and use the thesaurus. Like with wordbank exercises, if you're tempted to use a word you're not 100% familiar with, be sure to do both a wikipedia search and a google search on it as well as looking up its exact dictionary definition to be sure you understand its connotations ("slither" and "glide" are synonyms, but slither has a much more negative tint to it).


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