Notebooking Daily Writing Exercise August 7, 2014

August 7: Rhymebank Poem Writing!

Today it'll be similar to a regular wordbank day, but instead, pick five or so words from previous wordbank entries (if you are new to notebooking, browse past wordbank exercises and pick a few words from the links. Then use the wonderful resource Rhymezone and pick out at least five regular sounding rhymes for each of your words (remember to use near rhymes too). Once you have your bank of at least 25 words, write a few phrases. Because we're working with rhymes don't worry too much about writing complete sentences.

1) Write a phrase (2-8 words) for each of the words.
2) Pick your favorite three phrases and see if any of the rhyming word's phrases make sense (or might make sense in the right context/with tweaking). You should have three couplets. If any of the favorite phrases don't have a partner, feel free to write a new line/phrase to fit the pieces together.
3) From your three couplets, pick two which might work together in a way, with some additions and tweaking maybe, but there should be some sort of logic.
4) Write a short poem of two quatrains (2 groups of 4 lines) with the one of the original couplets as a part of each stanza.
5) If you can make all three couplets work in a 3 quatrain poem that's all the better. The point is to stretch your mind a little to find ways pieces can fit together in unexpected ways.