Monday, August 18, 2014

Notebooking Daily Writing Exercise August 18, 2014

August 18: Narrative day!

Today work with one of the following possible scenarios.

1) A man's suit coat is hanging over your mailbox one morning. In the pocket is an envelope. In the envelope is...
2) A time traveler who had quickly become a king in the past by using his technology and knowledge has run out of ideas and is losing his grasp of power (and his popularity)...
3) Two semi-omniscient narrators trade notes about a particularly eventful (or uneventful--hence the meeting) day.
4) Tell the story of three strangers as told by a bus bench at the bus stop they frequent (at least one person should regularly visit the bench at a different time of day).
5) Tell the wandering conversations of a party without using any dialog tags, and very sparse description, (if any at all).
6) Write a six couplet poem (rhymed or unrhymed) where the first and fifth couplets are linked via an image, and the second, third and sixth all share reference to a color.


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