Notebooking Daily Exercise August 1, 2014

August 1: Wordbank day.

I know everybody loves wordbank day, where we find a list of ten interesting and slightly unusual/not-everyday words, do a little research around the internet for any odd coincidences/fun facts about the words, and then do a short series of writing exercises which force you to use those words. I love the little rabbit-hole trails that you can end up tumbling down while doing your research. My favorite from doing these exercises got me from a word for a shade of purple to a webpage about the frequency of Finnish swearing when compared to other local countries.

Choose ten words from the following links: Elegant, Unattached, Destructive, Affix, Wasted.

1) Write two phrases, lines or sentences using two words from your list.
2) Write one phrase, line or sentence using three different words from your list.
3) Write a short narrative (20-300 words) that uses one of your wordbank words as the last word.
4) Write a three sentence vignette that uses the three words from #2, one in each short (5 words or fewer) sentence.