Thursday, August 7, 2014

Be Wary Citizens! Arcadia's August 15th chapbook contest deadlines (Fiction, Poetry) approach!

Arcadia Magazine's two chapbook contests are only eight days away!

The skinny:

What's the deadline? August 15, 2014.

What's it cost? $20.

How long should my chapbook be? For the Fiction Chapbook contest: 30-45 pages of fiction whether it's one novella, a series of linked stories or dozens of flash fiction pieces. For the Ruby Irene Poetry Chapbook contest: 15-35 pages of poetry.

What's unique? Arcadia's doing something a little unique with their chapbook series in that they've restructured their subscriptions. They call it moving to a quarterly publication, but really what they're doing is using the Fiction and Poetry Chapbook contest winners and printing them as the winter (poetry) / summer (fiction) issues as a stand-alone sent out to subscribers. This is actually really cool because it bumps up the number of people who will actually see/read the chapbooks.

What do they like? Luckily, they have some samples of past winners online. Here is a fiction sample from The Young Mormon's Guide to Not Having Sex in the 1980's by the awesomely named Ravsten Cottle. Here is a poem called "Last Night" from last year's winning poetry chapbook Driving Yourself to Jail in July by Nicole Santalucia.

Best of luck entering the contests!

Their regular submissions are also available year-round, for a $3 fee through Submittable.


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