Friday, July 18, 2014

Notebooking Daily Exercise July 18, 2014

July 18: Wordbank day!

Everyone loves wordbank day. Today we'll use a mix of synonyms and antonyms for: Pivot, Escalate, Progress, Betray, Harm. Pick ten words from the links for today's wordbank. As always, follow the rabbithole of internet researching for any unique choices so you fully know their context/homonyms/trivia about the chosen word.

1) Write three phrase/line/sentences that use one of the words.
2) Pick one of the words and describe a character who has that word as their first or last name.
3) Describe the sensation of speed using one of the words.
4) Using the character from #2 and the p/l/s from #3 write a short vignette/poem where the character is trying desperately to find a mundane object (bobby pin, toothpick, pen, toilet paper etc).


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