Know Your Literary Journals: Chaffin Journal

The Chaffin Journal is the literary review of Eastern Kentucky University. Perfect bound with a glossy cover (not like, crazy slick, but not super matte or desktop printed). Here is an example of poetry they've chosen to describe their poetry aesthetic. Here is their example for fiction. It's relatively slim, but has recently been a little longer and is definitely quality. They have graciously kept their cover price low, $6 for a 1 issue (yearly) subscription or $5 for a back issue. And they also have a slightly odd submission period: June 1st through October 1st. So, right now. They also don't accept online submissions, so dust off your printer.

Guidelines for poetry: submit 3-5 poems at a time. For fiction: stories must be 10,000 or fewer words.

(editor's note) We are open to all forms, subjects, schools, and styles. Excellence is our only criteria.

Send all submissions to:

The Chaffin Journal
Robert W. Witt, editor
Department of English
467 Case Annex
Eastern Kentucky University
Richmond, KY 40475

Definitely read the samples and check out the full guidelines at their website, but also, if it looks like your writing will mesh with the editorial aesthetic, this is a really good little magazine to submit/subscribe to.