Notebooking Daily Exercise July 3, 2014

July 3:

Wordbank day! Today we'll be looking specifically at action words.

1) Get at least 10-20 words from some of your favorite action's synonyms, try grab, smack, lift, push, yank, spin and catch as a basis if you can't think of any others. We're looking for words that aren't absurd necessarily, not archaic ones, just slightly more unusual than said words.

2) Write a phrase/line/sentence for at least five of the words.

3) Write at least three phrase/line/sentences using more than one of the words.

4) Take two or three of the previous P/L/S you've written and turn them into American Sentences. An American Sentence is a 17 syllable sentence unit developed by Allen Ginsberg as an American alternative to the Japanese form Haiku. Sometimes very imagistic, sometimes very enigmatic, sometimes merely whispers of moments which indicate larger bearing or longer stories. I've always been partial to Joe Schreiber's great American Sentence Progress:

After Seventeen days she finally broke down and called him "Daddy."

as well as Allen Ginsburg's Tompkins Square Lower East Side N.Y.

Four skinheads stand in the streetlight chatting under an umbrella.