Daily Notebooking Exercise July 27, 2014

July 27: Wordbank Day!

Everyone loves wordbank day! Like finding the marble in the kiddie pool of oatmeal, we're all lucky today.

If you're new to wordbank day, there will be a few sources provided and you just pick ten of your favorite somewhat out of the ordinary options, write them down in your writer's notebook and we'll go from there.

The base: Blaze, Idea, Identical, Damper, Cut

Now that you have your 10+ words listed in your notebook, write a few phrases or sentences.

1) Write three sentences using two of the words from your bank.
2) Write a brief description of a person with one of your wordbank words as a first, last, or nickname.
3) Place the character from #2 in a setting but only describe the setting.
4) Use two unused words from your wordbank and write three sentences that are very different using both of them.
5) Expand upon exercises #2 and #3, explore a reason the person was in that setting, and why they may have to leave it quickly.